What Is The Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring


I believe that when talking about engagement and marriage, the first thing everyone thinks of is the ring! It is a token to witness the happy moments. Every girl dreams of the moment when her beloved person wear the engagement diamond ring and wedding ring for her, because that is the testimony of love. But there are many differences between engagement rings and wedding rings. Can you tell the difference?

The difference between engagement ring and wedding ring

  • Different meanings

Engagement rings are also proposal diamond ring. Engagement rings are mostly diamond rings, which are rings that the man gives to the woman during the engagement. After wearing the engagement ring, it is not only a sign that the couple is about to go from passionate love to marriage, but also an agreement to love each other.

The wedding ring is a token of love exchanged between the couple during the wedding ceremony. The wedding ring means that the couple has risen from the relationship between lovers to the formation of the family. The wedding ring is required to be worn frequently after you both get married to show that the two are married

  • Different ways of wearing

The engagement ring is basically worn on the middle finger of the left hand, indicating that there is already a marriage contract. The styles of engagement rings are mostly gorgeous diamond rings.

The wedding ring is worn when the couple is holding a wedding ceremony. Both men and women wear it on the ring finger of the left hand, indicating that they are married. Wedding rings are worn by newlyweds every day after marriage, and the styles are mostly brief and low-key styles.

It is said that our left ring finger has a special vein that passes through the heart. Wearing a ring on this finger will make people who love each other know each other for a long time.

  • Different uses

Engagement rings and wedding rings have completely different purposes. Engagement rings are mostly used for the man's proposal to express a heart and determination. After the proposal is successful, the woman will wear it from the engagement to the marriage. The engagement ring and the proposal ring are mostly the same.

Wedding rings are usually a group of male and female pairs, which are tokens worn during the wedding ring exchange session witnessed by the guests. From the moment they wear the token, the two will always trust, accept and tolerate each other, and will spend the rest of their lives together. They will wear it after marriage and will not take it off easily.

  • Different designs

Engagement rings and wedding rings are different in design because of their different purposes. Because engagement rings are used by men to propose to women, they will be more gorgeous in design. They are mainly diamond rings, and they are not often worn in daily life.

The wedding ring is a ring that both men and women need to wear for a long time. Comfort is the biggest criterion, so the style design will be relatively simple, try to avoid the damage caused by friction and collision. Maybe the ring will be engraved with the marriage date, the initials of the two and other love symbols.

  • Different materials

After distinguishing the engagement ring and the wedding ring in meaning, design, purpose and wearing method, the material difference between the two cannot be ignored. The center of the engagement ring is often inlaid with a gemstone, whether it is a diamond or a red emerald, this form is not new, it was designed as early as the Victorian era; the wedding ring is made of gold, silver, platinum and other materials, and it is generally not inlaid with gems or only with smaller diamonds.

Number of engagement ring and proposal ring

  • Engagement ring

There is usually only one engagement ring. When a man proposes to a woman, the man will give it to the woman to wear it.

  • Wedding ring

Wedding rings are generally paired rings, and both men and women each wear one.

There is still a big difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Please be careful not to confuse it. The ring is a testimony and remembrance of the love of the new couple. It represents the time spent together between two people, and should be cherished with heart!

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