The Story of Birthstone Behind the Twelve Months! What is Yours?


Everyone knows that there are twelve zodiac signs in traditional Chinese culture. Every person born in a different year has a different zodiac sign; among young people, the horoscope culture is very popular, and each person born in a different month is divided into twelve constellations.

But you may not know that there are birthday stones for every month, which represent different symbolic meanings and best wishes!

Some people say that people in different months will have the temperament and light of the birthstone in that month. Is this really the case?

January Garnet: Because it looks like a pomegranate seed and gets its name. As the birthday stone of January, it represents friendship, chastity and loyalty, and it is also a gem for the second anniversary of marriage.

February Amethyst: Crystal is an ancient and ordinary gemstone. Amethyst is a member of the crystal family, referred to as "crystal", which symbolizes honesty. Wearing amethyst can make people calm and peaceful. The same as garnet, it is a commemorative gem for the 17th wedding anniversary.

March Aquamarine: It is a member of the Beryl family. Its big brother is "Emerald". It symbolizes bravery, happiness, Composure and longevity.

Diamonds in April: Diamonds are the birthstones of April. The gemstone for 75th anniversary of marriage. The 75th anniversary of marriage must be very happy, so it symbolizes happiness, purity, chastity and many other beautiful meanings.

May emerald: As the birthstone in May, emerald is the stone of happiness and a commemorative gift for the fifty-fifth anniversary of marriage.

June pearls and moonstones: People think that wearing moonstones can bring good luck. Indians regard moonstones as "sacred stones", gemstones for the 13th anniversary of their marriage. It is listed as June birthstones along with alexandrite and pearls, symbolizes health and longevity, prosperity and wealth.

Ruby in July: Ruby is a member of the corundum family, rubies and sapphire are called "sister gem". As the birthday stone of July, it symbolizes love, power and steadfastness.

August Peridot: It is known as the "stone of happiness". It is the birthstone of August and it indicates the happiness and harmony of the couple.

September Sapphire: All colors of gemstones in the corundum family except red are collectively referred to as sapphires, not just blue gems. Sapphires include blue sapphires, pink sapphires, green sapphires, etc., sapphires and rubies are "sister gems"

October Tourmaline and Opal: Because of the bright and rich colors and high transparency of tourmaline, it won people's love when it came out, and it is called as a amorous gem. Today, tourmaline is a popular mid-range gemstone variety, known as the birthstone of October.

November Topaz: It symbolizes happiness, harmony and friendship, a commemorative gem for the 16th anniversary.

Turquoise and Tanzanite in December: The gem world lists turquoise and tanzanite as the birthstone of December, symbolizes victory, good luck, and a guarantee of success.

The legend of every gem makes this gem exude fascinating charm, and every story behind it is very moving. While we use rational thinking to evaluate and calculate a beautiful gem, we must also use perceptual emotions to understand it, and believe that it will bring you good luck. This article will focus on the story behind Sapphire.

Sapphire has a bright blue color due to its titanium content, it contains silk-like rutile and fingerprint-like liquid inclusions. The silk-like rutile inclusions can produce six or twelve stars.

Sapphire belongs to high-end gemstones. Together with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, they are called the world's four most precious gems, sapphire and rubies have the title of "sister gems". Since ancient times, people have believed that sapphire has a mysterious and supernatural color, is a kind of mascot, an indispensable thing for the clothing and accessories of the royal family.

As the birthstone of September, sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness and wisdom. The reason why sapphire is liked is related to its deep and solemn color. Legend has it that sapphire can remove fluid or foreign objects from the eyes. Sapphire is a guide stone in the eyes of the Orientals. People who wear sapphire is not easy to be hurt and can bring good luck, star sapphire is also known as the "stone of destiny".

Sapphire has a charming and romantic color and has always been regarded as a treasure; the sapphire ring is also deeply loved by people and has been given many beautiful meanings.

What is the meaning of wearing a sapphire ring?

1. Loyalty and steadfastness

Loyalty and steadfastness are one of the main meanings of a sapphire ring. Sapphire is a commemorative stone for the 23rd and 26th anniversary of marriage, it belongs to a hard mineral, second only to diamonds and rubies among the world’s top five gemstones. It has very stable properties, even if worn for a long time, there will be no change in color or texture. So when gifting a sapphire ring to a lover, it can express a feeling of loyalty and constancy. Therefore, it is appropriate to use a sapphire ring to protect the long-lasting love between the lover, and because of its mysterious and deep color, it also has the meaning of deep and faithful love.

2. Auspicious and precious

The sapphire ring also implies auspiciousness and preciousness. Sapphire has a mysterious and supernatural color, and was considered auspicious object in ancient times. Sapphire is also a symbol of status. The British royal family loves sapphire very much and believes that blue is the color of nobility, represents nobility and power. Sapphire used to be used as inlays on king's crown, scepter, and other jewelry together with diamonds and pearls. In addition, sapphire, as one of the world's five largest gems, is also an extremely precious gem.

The effect of sapphire ring

1. Putting sapphire under the pillow when sleeping can help sleep and prevent sleepwalking

2. Sapphire corresponds to the sun wheel of the human body, and the sun wheel is in charge of the nervous system, so it acts on the solar nerve plexus. It will cause pain when opening the sun wheel, it can make people more conscious.

3. The sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness, love and sincerity. The star sapphire is also known as the "stone of destiny", which can protect the wearer's safety and make people lucky. Sapphire is the birthstone in September. It is known as the "sister gem" with ruby. Sapphire is regarded as a lucky thing because of its crystal clear beautiful color.

4. Sapphire exudes a romantic sentiment, which can add softness and strength, attract the partner, enhance the understanding of the couple, and make the relationship more harmonious, happy and joyful

5. The color of sapphire is soft. For people who speak or behave carelessly, wearing a sapphire ring helps to improve their temperament, making behavior more calm and elegant.

I have collected a few exclusive sapphire rings for the September birthstone, each one is carefully selected, I hope you like it.

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