Is a Diamond Ring Necessary for Marriage? What are the Alternatives to Diamond Rings?


The wedding diamond ring seems to have become a necessary item for the wedding. It seems that it can’t be regarded as a formal proposal without a diamond ring, so is it necessary to have a diamond ring for marriage? Is there any item that can replace a diamond ring to propose? Let's take a look at the matters related to the proposal diamond ring.

Do you have to buy a diamond ring for marriage?

Nowadays, many people buy a diamond ring when they propose. If the budget is not enough, they will buy a diamond ring of 30 to 80 points. If the budget is sufficient, they will buy a diamond ring of more than 1 carat. Then, is the proposal diamond ring a must for the couple to get married? ? Actually it is not. It doesn't matter if you don't buy a diamond ring if the budget is insufficient. You can buy a wedding ring and it can be used at a wedding.

Alternatives to Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are actually mainly used when proposing marriage. After marriage, what you wear daily is actually a wedding ring, It does not necessarily have diamonds, it is mainly for daily convenience. So what items can replace diamond rings for marriage proposal?

Ring to Replace

If you cannot afford to buy a diamond ring temporarily because of budget problems, but you want a ring to propose, it is also possible. There are mainly the following options:

l Moissanite diamond ring

This is actually a diamond ring, but the price of Moissanite is much lower than that of natural diamonds, about one-tenth of it, so those who want a diamond ring but don't have enough budget may consider a Moissanite diamond ring. Moissanite becomes the best substitute for diamonds because it not only has the same appearance as diamonds, but also has the closest physical properties to diamonds. It has good light transmittance, strong light refraction, not easy to oxidize, and can keep light transmittance and brilliance for a lifetime. The hardness of Moissanite is second only to diamonds. The fire color is more than twice that of diamonds. It is more shining and brighter. The price is only one-tenth to one-twentieth of diamonds. This is the main reason why more and more people choose moissanite.

l Other rings

The main reason why diamond rings are expensive is that diamonds are expensive, so if you still want to propose with a ring, you can use other rings. Crystal rings, platinum rings, gold rings, K gold rings, etc. are all possible. The price and style choices are very rich.

Above mentioned the proposal diamond ring, the wedding ring, and there is another noun called the wedding set ring, so what is the difference between these three wedding rings?

Proposal ring: The proposal ring, also known as engagement ring, when a man proposes to a woman to express his desire to spend a lifetime together, he will send this ring to the woman. After the proposal is successful, the woman will wear the ring to symbolize that she already has a fiance. Sometimes the proposal ring is also used in the engagement ceremony, and is given by the man to the woman as a proof of the marriage contract.

Generally speaking, the wedding ring is mainly set with a single diamond. The price varies according to the brand of the wedding ring and the size of the diamond carat. There are also big differences between buying at the counter or buying at the silver building. The price of the diamond ring varies from 10,000 yuan to tens of millions of yuan. The marriage proposal ring is of extraordinary significance. It is regarded as a symbol of true love for a lifetime. It’s better to confirm the woman’s preferences before buying. After all, the price of a diamond engagement ring is expensive.

Wedding ring: During the wedding ceremony, the couple will exchange the rings to wear, that is the wedding ring, and the ring will be worn for a long time after marriage, usually in pairs, man and woman wear one on the ring finger to declare married status to the world. Usually after a successful marriage proposal, the man and woman will jointly select a satisfactory wedding ring based on their budget and preferences.

 The wedding ring is different from the proposal ring. The proposal ring is usually a high-priced diamond ring, which is generally not worn every day. However, the wedding ring will always be worn on the hand and become an accessory in daily life, so you should consider comfort and ease of movement when choosing. The style is usually simple and elegant. Many people choose plain rose gold or white K gold and yellow k gold rings, if you like diamond rings, you can also choose lower-key diamond rings. After all, you wear them every day. Convenience is the primary consideration when choosing a wedding ring.

Wedding set ring is a term that people rarely hear. Simply put, a woman who wears a proposal ring and a wedding ring on her ring finger at the same time, that is called a wedding set ring. The two ring styles in the set ring can be very matched to form a ring; or they can also be designed with completely different styles, which can also be perfectly matched.

Nowadays, most brides wear these two rings (wedding ring and engagement ring) daily, so wedding set rings are becoming more and more popular. With the choice of a wedding ring, there will never be a situation where the engagement ring needs to be sealed in a jewelry box or safe box at home and only worn at Christmas parties or special occasions.

Why buying a wedding set ring is a convenient solution when time is tight?

Whether it is for purely economic considerations or actual time-related reasons, buying a wedding ring is a good choice.

First of all, if you decide to buy an engagement ring and a wedding ring at the same time, you can get more discounts. After all, when buying diamonds, if you choose to pick diamonds for 2 to 3 rings at a time, the diamond unit price is usually a little lower.

Another important reason for choosing a wedding set ring is that it takes time to plan a wedding. It takes time to go to different jewelry stores or browse websites to choose the perfect ring. If you buy two rings at once, you can save a lot of time. The most important thing is that when choosing an engagement ring and a wedding ring at the same time, you can match and choose two rings at once!

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