How to Choose the Perfect Personalized Jewelry?


Beauty is a woman's nature, so jewelry is indispensable. However, there are many styles of jewellery, and each piece of jewellery corresponds to a different group of people. It also corresponds to a different age according to the stage. Just like clothes, for example, older women are not suitable for cute pink princess dress. Not all styles are suitable for every woman. Only by choosing the jewelry that corresponds to you can you highlight your unique charm.

Individual jewelry is of course reflected in jewelry styles. In addition, it can be reflected in gems and colors. Different jewelry shapes reflect unique styles and can also reflect certain personalities:

  • Round jewelry: It represents the gentleness, approachability and trustworthiness of traditional women.
  • Olive-shaped jewelry: outgoing personality, strong entrepreneurial spirit and aggressive;
  • Pear-shaped jewelry: suitable for lively outgoing, easy to adapt to the new environment, mature attitude towards things;
  • Heart-shaped jewelry: romantic, rich, sensitive and dedicated;
  • Oval jewelry: suitable for those with unique taste and courage to act;
  • Princess-shaped jewelry: Emphasizes discipline, strong organizational skills, and is a rational leader.

It is said that women are made of water, and they should love themselves well and match different styles for themselves according to different stages to set off their own beauty.

How to choose jewelry that suits you according to your face shape, skin tone, etc.

Jewelry can play the magical effect in the overall collocation. Once worn correctly, it will shine brightly, and if it is worn wrong, the image will be greatly reduced. How to choose your own jewelry, it is important to learn to look at the face shape and skin color. Here are four tips sorted out on Jewelry matching skills. Welcome to refer to.

How to choose earrings for different face shapes?

Earrings, as the jewelry closest to the face, play a very important role in the face modification. Women with a slightly less perfect face can use earrings to maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses. Even the goose-egg face can look better with unique earrings.

  • Square face: It is advisable to wear curly-lined or any round earrings to soften the edges and corners of the face. Button-shaped or hanging earrings are suitable.
  • Long face: For a long face, round earrings are very suitable. The rounded arc can increase the width of the face and make the whole person look more intimate.
  • Triangle: The triangle face shape should choose earrings with the shape of "big upper and smaller lower" to balance the width of the jaw.
  • Round egg face: Linear earrings have the visual effect of increasing the length of the face and reducing the width, and can bring a little agility to the plump face, so it is especially suitable for round faces.
  • Heart-shaped face: heart-shaped face with a sharp chin needs earrings with "small upper and larger lower" and soft arcs, which can highlight the beautiful chin and make the facial lines more gentle.

Neck Decoration

As the most eye-catching part below the face, whether it is for daily wear or important occasions, the existence of the necklace is essential, especially in the summer when the neck is relatively exposed, the correct wearing of the necklace can make the flaws becomes virtues.

  • Stubby neck: A slender necklace with pendants can visually lengthen the neck. The V-shaped line can cause the visual direction to droop and naturally stretch the neck curve.
  • Slender neck: The slender neck with the slender necklace can only expose the shortcomings, while the collar will just make up for this shortcoming.

Skin Color

Blond Caucasians are suitable for light-toned warm-colored gemstones, such as pink garnet and hibiscus stone, because they can increase the redness of the skin and make them more vigorous.

Oriental yellow people with black hair and black pupils are more suitable for wearing warm-toned jewelry. Red, orange, and beige gems, such as rubies, garnets and topaz, can be used to make their faces more pleasant.

People with red complexion can choose light green, dark green jewelry, which can bring out his vitality, but it is not advisable to wear bright red, purple or bright blue gems, so as not to make the complexion purple.

People with dark skin can choose some intermediate tones such as transparent, yellow, and dark brown to lighten the skin tone. Relatively speaking, they are more suitable for people with dark skin. Pink, white and other contrasting colors are taboos for dark skin.

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