Birthstone Jewelry Sapphire- The Perfect Gift for September Birthday


Are you still worrying about the gifts for your friends, girlfriend and mom's birthday? Clothes, bags, all have been sent before, have you ever thought about sending some special gifts?

Birthday is a very special day. Although there is birthday every year, but every year has a different birthday. This year’s 18th birthday, will it still be your 18th birthday next year? The answer is of course not. So every birthday is special.

Special thing for a special person at a special time. We don’t just give gifts, we send a blessing, a meaning, a uniqueness.

About Birthstone

Jewelry has been used as decorations to beautify life and cultivate sentiment since it was recorded in human history. It reveals a kind of personality and symbolizes an identity. And in the dazzling gem world, there is a group of special gems, which are endowed with special spirituality due to their particularities and various myths and legends. They are favored by people with their auspicious and lucky magical charms. This is the birthday gem, also called birthstones. Since the 16th century, people have regarded different gems corresponding to the 12 months of the year as a sign of personal birth, which is called "birthstone". Birthstones are used to commemorate birthdays or birth months. Predecessors generally believed that birthstones have the magical power to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to people.

For every month, there is a birthstone belonging to this month. According to legend, people born every month have a gem that protects luck and well-being. This is the original saying about birthstone. Now September is coming, and the birthday of important people around you is approaching. Send a birthday stone for September, choose a special gift that belongs to her.

Choose the most popular birthstone jewelry as a gift, either to commemorate a special person or as an ideal birthday gift.

Birthstone in September: Sapphire

Sapphire's unique deep and mysterious blue, calm and clear, deeply attracts people's hearts. However, there are many other colors besides blue, and any color has the charm that is hard to give up. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness, love and honesty. Starlight Sapphire is also known as the "stone of destiny", which can bless the wearer's safety and make people lucky.

Symbolic meaning: kindness, honesty, and virtue

Special meaning: The Japanese regard sapphire as a commemorative gem for the 23rd and 26th anniversary of their marriage.

Orientals believe that wearing sapphire can protect people from evil and bring good luck, bless the wearer's safety and good fortune.

Sapphire Related Legend

Heavenly Stone

Sapphire is known as the "Stone of Heaven" because of its transparent blue. As early as ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome, sapphire was used to decorate mosques, churches and monasteries, and as a tribute to religious ceremonies.

Stone of destiny

Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, loyalty, and love. Star sapphire is also known as the "stone of destiny", which can bless the wearer's safety and make people lucky

Emperor's Stone

Since ancient times, sapphire has been called "the stone of the king". Sapphire has attracted the royal family of almost every age and was regarded as a blessing sacred object and a collection of treasures. Legend has it that sapphire can protect the wearer from envy and be loved by gods, so ancient kings wear sapphire around the neck as a strong defense against injury.

Love stone

Sapphire is often seen as the crystallization of pure love and a symbol of loyalty to love. For lovers, sapphire is a touchstone to test love. It is said that love will make the sapphire more dazzling. When one of them changes his heart, the luster will dim and disappear. If the sapphire is set in a ring, it will bring luck and happy

Gift recommendation

For girlfriend

Women wearing sapphire can balance the endocrine system, improve fertility, and relieve physical pain

For elders

Sapphire helps the human body absorb nutrients, dissolve toxins, eliminate fluid retention, and ease the degeneration of skin, hair, eyes, liver, pancreas and other fleshy organs.

For yourself

Sapphire exudes a romantic sentiment. It can reconnect feelings, attract partners, enhance mutual understanding between lovers, and make feelings more harmonious, happy and joyful.

Here are some personalized jewelries set with sapphires which can be selected as special gifts for people born in September:

Personalized Solitare Heart Birthstone Engraved Name Ring in Sterling Silver

Personalized Birthstone Promise Ring With 2 Engraved Names in Sterling Silver

Personalized Heart Sterling Silver Necklace with 4 Birthstones and 4 Names

Personalized Silver Name Necklace With Birthstone in Sterling Silver

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