Why do gems have such a magical healing power?


Why do gems have such a magical healing power?

The gem has the magic power that makes the holder indulge in its gorgeous appearance. This magic power has lasted for thousands of years. Even if the earliest mankind's cutting and grinding technology on the gem is still very rough, it cannot prevent the gem from using its most primitive beauty. Conquered mankind with aura. However, do you know that under the beautiful appearance of natural gemstones, there is also a subtle energy that has been accumulated for thousands of years. This energy has a magical healing power for mankind!

Speaking of aura, do you know that gems also have their own aura, which is a kind of energy fluctuation from billions of years ago, which can purify your negative energy and soul. Don't think that this is a fantasy, it's just that we can't see their hidden energy, only subtle perception. Since it slowly grew up in the depths of the mantle, it has been accumulating energy continuously, comparing it with the length of human life and its own strength, and it is as short and small as it is popular. The gem itself contains a kind of constant energy, stable and gentle, making the wearer feel happy and comfortable.

gems magic power

Is there a feeling between people and gems?

I remember that once accompanied a friend to buy old beeswax, in addition to the color and appearance, he held a few beeswax one by one in his palm and then put it down again, and finally got one. I asked him the knack for choosing beeswax, and he said that there is no special way, but when the beeswax was held in his hand, his palms suddenly started to sweat.

This is an unspeakable power, as if there is a predestined relationship between gems and people, so he can feel the earth energy contained in this gem. It may be better to compare it to a romantic relationship. No matter how good the other's looks and talents are, if there is no eye (aura), or sense (induction), they will not choose each other. Gems may cure certain diseases

gems magic power

Scientists have discovered that gems have the power to heal and repair the vitality of the body. Various gems can also prevent and treat various diseases according to their own characteristics. Some people may think this is ridiculous, but this is proved by many facts. It includes not only the personal feelings of ordinary gem owners, but also scientific experiments.

Gem therapy has a therapeutic effect: the experimenter grips the gemstone, measures the changes in the experimenter's autonomic nervous system and the energy generated by various parts of the human body when the pulse voltage is reported. Compared with the empty-handed wake-up value before the test, it is found that Various parts of the experimenter's body showed different responses. Rubies give people spiritual vitality, and emeralds can bring mental stability to experimenters. We might as well try it by ourselves. Choose a colored gemstone of 0.3 carats or more, hold it lightly with your left hand, relax your mind, or let the gemstone close to the affected area, close your eyes and feel the power of the gemstone at a stage of 5-20 minutes, believe There will be magical feelings. (PS: Use multiple gems of the same kind together, the effect will be doubled~)

Spiritually purify our negative energy

gems magic power

Life in modern society is very rich, especially in first-tier cities. On the other hand, human beings are far away from nature, and they have negative emotions, but they can't vent them, so they have problems physically and mentally. Our modern society and ourselves are always full of negative energy, and it is difficult to have a way to release it. However, since ancient times, people have regarded various gems as amulets and believed in the spiritual power contained in gems. To this day, natural gemstone jewelry and accessories also entrust people's wishes and beliefs.

Not only that, but the natural purifying power of the gem itself will also be subtlely perceived by people. Different gems can replenish different energy fields. For example, moonstone can relieve insomnia, tourmaline can help the body's blood flow, beeswax can calm the five internal organs and soul, clam can calm the mind, and coral can help you avoid Misfortune, every evil turns good. Spiritual power is the most elusive. It can only be felt by wearing it for a long time. It may be a kind of belief, maybe a kind of comfort, and more of an inner joy. And the most important thing is that you have to realize that you are the unparalleled, unique and priceless treasure in this world.

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