The meaning of different fingers with rings?


Love is like a cup of warm water with honey, sweet but not greasy, and two people in life need to be embellished like this cup of honey water. The ring just happens to be an ornament in love. Now it has become the development of the times, and the ring has become a pair A token of love for two people who love each other, most people will also use it to decorate themselves, no matter how to wear a ring, it is still necessary to understand, then what is the meaning of wearing a thumb on a ring? jqueenjewelry takes you to find out.

The meaning of wearing ten fingers on a ring is different, and the meaning of wearing a ring on the left and right hands is similar for both men and women. It depends mainly on personal replacement habits. According to Western traditions, the ring is worn on the left hand as a sign of good fortune, allowing you to go smoothly in your career and life, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand. After understanding the meaning of wearing the ring on the left and right hands, what is the meaning of wearing the thumb on the ring, the following is a detailed introduction to the meaning of wearing the thumb and other fingers on the ring:

1. Thumbs. Being on the road of pursuing their dreams will help those who are involved to complete what they have in mind.

2. Index finger. The finger pointing the direction, usually the person who aligns the ring on this finger has a cheerful personality and pursues fashion. It also represents that he is currently single, and hopes that the opposite sex who is single at the same time can dare to pursue himself after seeing it.

3. Middle finger. The meaning of the middle finger is similar to the ring finger, which means that you are in sweet love and are very happy.

4. Ring finger. I won’t say much about this finger. Most people know that this is the finger for a wedding ring.

5. Little finger. Putting the ring on the little finger of a girl can generally convey a charming message, telling others that she is single now.

In fact, very few people wear a ring on their thumbs in our lives. Many seats are on the index finger, middle finger, etc.

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