The development path of Tiffany Fine Jewelry


In 2016, Tiffany & Co. paid tribute to the "Rhyme of Transformation" with high-end jewelry creations. On June 3, it specially presented nearly 200 beautiful high-end jewelry in Beijing, China, including more than 70 high-end jewelry works. Released for the first time in the world, this event also showcased a series of Tiffany antiques collection jewellery, which showed the extraordinary beauty of nearly 180 years.


Mr. Philippe Galtié, Senior Vice President of Tiffany, Mr. Melvyn Kirtley, Chief Gemologist of Tiffany, Mr. Laurent Cathala, President of Tiffany Greater China Group, and Tiffany & Company Ms. Zhaohua Ouyang, Vice President and Managing Director of China, as the guest of honor, welcomed nearly 300 distinguished guests to the ceremony.

That night, with the theme of "Rhyme of Magic", the legendary blue lights up the center of the Phoenix. Abstract elements, streamlined lines, interlacing of light and shadow, and superposition of space, everything is dreamlike and unpredictable, making people feel the vitality and interest of life. Large-scale lighting installation art works created by traditional Murano glass craftsmanship hang over the space, which not only adds visual beauty to the scene, personalized rings but also metaphors the ingenious balance between traditional heritage and modern style achieved by Tiffany High Jewelry. The ingenious design in all these scenes is only to highlight the high-end jewelry masterpieces with the most dazzling light and natural aura of the night.


Inspired by nature and all creatures, Francesca Amfitheatrof, the design director of Tiffany, took "The Charm of Phantom" as the main theme of 2016 high jewelry creation. This is a process about the evolution of life, where mystery and wonder complement each other, and silence and noise collide with each other. She puts real and natural-based visions and reveries into jewelry creation-this process of creating a masterpiece of jewelry art with diamonds and gems is not a story of change.

Amfitheatrof takes us to explore this wonderful journey of life, she said: "Let us set off from the deep sea, watch the noisy seabed life jump out of the quiet water, inhale the first breath of air. Time changes, the form is changing, the life The power is alternating. This is the charm and magic of nature, infinite miracles, accumulation of thin hair." She used this series of jewelry works to cast one after another vibrant and breathtaking moments, the most extreme beauty is waiting for you Encounter. Tiffany has always believed: Nature is our best designer. The diamond that established Tiffany's status as a legendary jeweler is a natural masterpiece and a treasure of talent bred in the quiet depths of the earth. And the Tiffany craftsmen with the most craftsmanship and craftsmanship have completely released the light hidden by the surface of the diamond. Tiffany's diamond necklace with name heritage can be traced back to 1848. As the well-known "king of diamonds" in the United States, Tiffany diamonds are synonymous with noble taste and dignity.


Tiffany specially presented more than ten pieces of diamond jewellery works from the antique collection in this grand ceremony, condensing Tiffany's adherence to and inheritance of the highest quality and exquisite cutting craftsmanship of diamonds for nearly 180 years. It is Tiffany's mission to make diamonds dazzlingly change and have extraordinary vitality. The rose-shaped cut is classic and luxurious, the round cut is elegant and soft, the baguette-shaped cut is dynamic, the marquise-shaped cut is mysterious and unpredictable, the pear-shaped cut is retro and modern, and the mixed cutting style is changeable...

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