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Sotheby's "Magnificent Jewelry and Noble Jewelry" spring auction was successfully held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva. The collection of different well-known jewels and rare stones gathered together, in addition to the magnificent works of famous jewelers such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Schlumberger Tiffany, and gems produced in Kashmir, Myanmar, Colombia and other places, the total transaction amount is 24,315,250 Swiss francs.


The biggest highlight in this auction was undoubtedly the "Apollo and Artemis Diamond", which was sold at a sky-high price of 57,425,478 US dollars / 57,118,750 Swiss francs! The "Apollo and Artemis Diamonds" earrings received the highest ever sold price. The Apollo Blue Diamond is a fancy intense blue diamond weighing 14.54 carats, belonging to Type IIb grade, Artemis Pink Diamond, a 16.00 carat fancy intense pink earrings studs , belonging to Type IIa grade, with a clarity of VVS2. These two diamonds can be said to be unique in the world. Billions of years ago, under the combined effect of the convergence of various conditions in the universe and the absolute randomness of their existence, they opened their magical journey of formation deep underground. Both diamonds have been cut into exquisite pear-shaped diamonds and named after the most respected and powerful Olympian god, highlighting their nobleness, uniqueness and unparalleled beauty.

Apollo is one of the most important Olympus gods in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. He has the ideal perfect posture and is the god of music, truth, prophecy, healing, light and poetry. Artemis, or Diana in Roman mythology, was the most respected goddess among the gods of ancient Greece. She is in charge of hunting, protecting beasts, wilderness, fertility, chastity, and protecting girls. In the era of Greek culture, Apollo was called the Titan Sun God Helios, and his sister Artemis was regarded as the Titan Moon God Selene. Two colorful diamonds are cut into exquisite pear-shaped diamonds, which are rare and hard to find, worthy of the title of god. In addition, the two beautiful diamonds are very similar regardless of shape, size, and weight. They are named after twin brothers and sisters, which is the most suitable.


In addition to the "Apollo and Artemis Diamond" earrings, the Fancy Intense Purple Pink Diamond Ring from Piaget sold for 13,175,000 Swiss francs and set the world auction record for Fancy Intense Purple Pink Diamonds and Fancy Intense Purple Pink Diamonds. Carat price world record! This ring is inlaid with a 7.04 carat rectangular brilliant cut fancy intense purple-pink diamond, set in the middle of a pair of triangular diamonds. According to the American GIA agency appraisal, this diamond presents fancy intense purple-pink, which is a pure natural color and clarity. VS1, type IIa level.

This fancy intense blue diamond ring had the third highest transaction price in the whole auction. According to the appraisal of GIA on March 12, 2002 and April 18, 2017, the colored diamond on the ring was a 3.32 carat The step-cut fancy intense blue diamonds of pure natural color are set between two triangular diamonds.

This fancy pink diamond ring is set with a 21.11 carat ancient cushion-shaped diamond, which is unique in shape and elegant in color. According to the GIA certificate on November 15, 2006, this diamond is fancy pink, pure natural color, VVS2 clarity, and its clarity may be improved.

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