The Poem of Time-International Haute Horlogerie Salon Exhibition


In the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon, Van Cleef & Arpels released new watch timepieces in two series, one is the jewelry watch series, and the other is the Poetic Complications™ series. Van Cleef & Arpels once again combined the outstanding craftsmanship of high-end Jqueenjewelry with the unique charm of creative complications, launching many dreamy and beautiful complications watches and jewelry watches, becoming the most distinctive one on SIHH.

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Since the first eleven complication watch came out in 2006, the poetic creative complication watch has become Van Cleef & Arpels' unique iconic timepiece, full of whimsy and moving stories. . At this year's SIHH, Van Cleef & Arpels launched a number of romantic and creative complications in the Poetic Complications ™ series.

The highlight of these two watches is the color change effect formed between the hollow dial with diamond snowflakes inlaid on the upper layer and the rotatable dial with gradual inlaid colored gemstones on the bottom. This wonderful change is due to the 12-hour module manual-winding movement exclusively developed by Van Cleef & Arpels. Driven by the 12-hour turntable movement, the rotating dial under the hollowed-out top dial rotates twice a day. Times, the screen repeats itself. The design is inspired by the Fée Ondine High Jewelry Brooch (A Midsummer Night's Dream Series) launched in 2005. The 24-hour movement is equipped with a device module exclusively developed by Van Cleef & Arpels. The turntable on the dial circulates every 24 hours. The sun shines on the surface from dawn to dusk, and then gradually disappears below the horizontal line. The bright full moon rising slowly. The dial picture incorporates enamel, micro-painting, engraving and other techniques. 38mm white gold case, automatic winding movement, equipped with retrograde hour hand and variable speed minute hand, the device module can be activated at any time when the switch is pressed. Van Cleef & Arpels is applying for a patent for the device to press the display.

jewelry watches

This watch is almost the brand's most concerned creative complication watch on SIHH. Driven by the exclusively developed movement, the three-dimensional picture effects of different levels on the dial vividly interpret the sitcoms of nature. Relying on superb watchmaking technology to create an aerial dance music, three butterflies fly at different speeds, indicating the minutes to advance, and the swallow's wings tap the hour markers to indicate the hours, and return to the original position after 12 hours. In addition, just tap the button of the time display module, and the three butterflies will perform an aerial dance music in the cloud for about ten seconds, and return to the original trajectory at the end, continuing to tell the time accurately.

The 42mm white gold case, self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with a retrograde hour hand, and a button to turn on the light device is a patented design of Van Cleef & Arpels.

jewelry watches

This watch is inspired by the shimmering sky. The dial is specially made of aventurine glass as the base, and is decorated with diamonds to show a realistic starry sky effect. At the same time, through the piezoelectric effect, the starry sky is realized. The watch contains a porcelain bar. When the movement makes the porcelain bar vibrate, it can generate electricity through a physical reaction to power the six electroluminescent diodes. When the user activates the lighting device, it lights up the backlight to reflect the six on the dial. The eye-catching diamonds shine for four seconds. The retrograde hour hand blends into the starry sky. At any time, the time is silently displayed on the dial, and the time scale gradually progresses from 0 to 12 o'clock.

Nature, ballet and haute couture uniforms have always been the source of inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels' jewelry and watches. Diamonds, colored gemstones and superb traditional craftsmanship are used to present brand-specific beautiful images on watch timepieces, injecting vitality and surprises into watch timepieces. This year's Van Cleef & Arpels is in the jewelry watch The four series of new works presented are enough to make every woman's heart touched.

jewelry watches

The design highlights of this timepiece are diamonds and tassels. The whole watch is inlaid with diamonds of different cuts, reflecting the style of white diamond engagement rings at the beginning of the brand’s establishment. The lucky tassels surround the bezel and can be rotated freely, meaning that luck is held in Hands.

The Charms series has introduced 25 mm and 38 mm diameter dial works, compared with the new 21 mm diameter works will add uniqueness and refinement to this series. Two interchangeable straps add femininity to the watch. The first watchband is sewn with suede canvas material to reflect the case in a low-key fashion, while the second diamond bracelet, with diamonds arranged in different cutting methods, shines on the wrist.

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