Summer with cool-toned jewelry becomes a beautiful landscape


Midsummer is approaching, the scorching heat is prevailing, and if you want to calm the heat and become a refreshing and beautiful landscape, wearing cold-toned jewelry will definitely be a good choice. Calm blue, fresh green, quiet purple...cold-toned jewelry is like a dose of coolness to soothe the heat. In this summer, jewelry can be "cold"! Cool-toned jewels are mainly hues of blue, blue, and purple, which are reminiscent of green mountains, green water, forest, sky, ocean...Cool colors are faded colors, giving people a sense of calm, shrinkage, and remoteness. Wearing cool jewelry in summer can not only bring a visual sense of cooling, but also a refreshing sense of coolness on the touch.

cool-toned jewelry

Hydrangea is the love of Queen Josephine, Napoleon's wife, and this Chaumet-inspired muse's nickname for her daughter is also derived from this soft spot. This rare flower from the East is full of varied changes and stunning colors. CHAUMET, engagement rings a French jewelry design leader with a history of more than two hundred years, has harvested an exquisite and smart flower-Hydrangea. The designer uses sapphires, tanzanites, diamonds and white chalcedony to present the quiet hydrangea garden under the summer night, giving people a fresh, elegant and refined beauty.

cool-toned jewelry

Flowers and summer are a harmonious combination. Flowers are the spirits of nature and the incarnation of beauty. It is Tiffany's consistent tradition to draw inspiration from nature. The fresh and feminine sapphire flower necklace, the flowers are dotted with colorful sapphires, cleverly wrapped around the neck, smart and elegant,mens rings like a butterfly dancing in the gentle breeze, and like a flower fairy walking idle among the flowers.

Want to enjoy the refreshing pleasure in minutes? The elements of the sea and the sky are definitely the magic weapon to win this summer, and the Capri series of Baomalanto has this essence. The material uses turquoise and chrysoprase as the main gemstones, showing the charming color of the Mediterranean blue sky.

cool-toned jewelry

Want to refresh this summer, Van Cleef & Arpels has this magic! Van Cleef & Arpels Château en brooch and donkey skin princess brooch incorporate fairy tale elements into the design inspiration. The center of the Château en brooch is inlaid with a 39-carat olive-cut Brazilian emerald. The chic design is like a lake green Pool water. The donkey skin princess full of fairy tales seems to be full of surreal magic, glowing with a quiet and mysterious dazzling light, and instantly drives away the heat of summer!

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