Qeelin Wulu series adds another member, new earrings dominate


How can a design become a classic? In addition to being loyal to the original creative concept, it should also be polished with innovative deductive methods. Qeelin's brand representative Wulu series is inspired by the traditional Chinese mascot "Gourd" and presents the shape of a gourd with lines representing the lucky number "8". The fusion of the two elements reflects this creative spirit. Wulu is the first classic design launched by Qeelin. The gourd element has a special meaning in the brand history. This best-selling series has recently added a new member, the newly launched 18K white gold diamond gourd hoop earrings, which is bound to continue this gourd diamond jewelry craze. Brand founder and creative director Dennis Chan said: “This new piece is a breakthrough in the Wulu series, and it can match with other Qeelin jewelry, including the popular Wulu earrings.”


"Nowadays, young trend groups like to choose jewellery arbitrarily and independently. This is exactly the same as Qeelin's design philosophy. Qeelin was the first to advocate a non-symmetrical, unfettered and playful collocation. Jewelry brand. Because of this, Wulu's single gourd-shaped earrings can be worn individually or in pairs, allowing the wearer to match freely to show their personal style." Dennis added.

When Dennis began to conceive and design this earring, he thought that the gourd-shaped style could perfectly represent Qeelin's brand concept-cleverly conceived and exquisite design to create high-end jewelry that can be worn every day; the ever-changing way of matching makes it easy to wear Freely express personal style and mood. For Dennis, the entire design process is not only a creative challenge, but also reflects the childlikeness of art creators.

Dennis Chan said: "The gourd-shaped pattern and the line of the number 8 reflect each other and fully radiate positive energy. This traditional Chinese symbol with auspicious symbols, with the addition of creative modern jewelry design elements, presents an amazing beauty. . It is indeed not common to provide single earrings in the market, but it is the tradition of Qeelin. When Maggie Cheung appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004, she only wore a single Wulu earring, which made a sensation. Qeelin was based on it. With her unique matching method, the brand has embarked on the world stage."

The design concept of classic and innovative fusion is embellished with white gold and diamonds. These medium-sized Wulu hoop earrings will be the best gift for a loved one or yourself, and are now available at all retail outlets of Qeelin.

About Qeelin

The high-end jewelry brand Qeelin, founded by Dennis Chan in 2004, uses traditional Chinese cultural totems as the design essence to create contemporary products that cross national boundaries, are rich in meaning, and are suitable for everyday wear.

The brand is named after Qilin, or "Kirin", an auspicious Chinese mythical animal and a symbol of love. Qeelin represents rich imagination and exquisite jewelry craftsmanship, injecting playfulness and surprise elements into the world of high jewelry.

The brand's iconic Wulu series recreated the gourd shape and continued its auspicious meaning in traditional Chinese culture.

Qeelin was acquired by the luxury leader Kering Group, which owns multiple luxury brands and sports and lifestyle brands.

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