Piaget's new high-end jewelry interprets a fantasy summer party


Piaget's new high-end jewellery and high-end watch series Sunny Side of Life, like the sound of laughter, symbolizes the onset of a summer party. Presenting 140 rare treasures, interpreting life into a party from different angles, and continuing the bright and sunny days of the sun with optimism. When the summer sun in California is gradually receding, the swimming pool is filled with joy. The graceful bronze body of the young girl swayed by the pool in elegant high heels, and the jade hands dotted with delicate rings stroked the water, ripples and sparkles shone.


The white gold on the ring is inlaid with a bouquet of j queen jewelry, surrounded by a 5.85 carat yellow diamond, which blooms like a sunflower with a more radiant light than the setting sun (G34HK800). Two oval-cut diamonds weighing 2.89 carats show off the beauty of blooming flowers, decorated with slender wrists (G0A41274), ready to embrace the surprise and joy of dusk.

The 18K rose gold bracelet watch (G0A41224) is lined with a court-style totem. The brilliance of the diamond evokes a festive episode and opens the party!

The leisurely mood of the shadow of the wandering tree makes people forget the time and space, wandering in it can not help but glow with a natural and pleasant atmosphere. The bracelet watch

lingers around the wrist with green emeralds and diamond leaves (G0A41271).

A contemporary nymph dressed in blue, suddenly looked back and listened. A pink tourmaline flashed in front of the person on the earlobe, and a 4.58 carat unburnt pink sapphire (G38M8600) from Madagascar was shining in the center.


The midnight swimming moment officially begins.

The women beside her smiled and raised their hands to cover their teeth, but the joyful light of the ring attracted more eyes. The 5.31 carat cushion-shaped Madagascar unburnt pink sapphire, surrounded by sapphires and diamonds of the same color (G34HM200), necklaces set off her intense red lips. To prevent swimmers from getting lost in the blue water at night, the pool is lit from the bottom of the pool. The beautiful girl leaped into the water, and the hem of her dress turned into a butterfly in the water, gently swinging with the rhythm of the music in the blue-green waves. The white gold and diamond bracelet is decorated with a palace-style totem, sporadicly decorated with irregular lapis lazuli (G36M4800), which contrasts with another bracelet inlaid with sapphires and diamonds.

Another bracelet uses feather detailing to create an unparalleled visual effect. At first glance, people mistakenly think that it is the hand-made fine mosaic pattern (G36M5100) at the bottom of the pool.


Young guests played night water games by the pool. The competition was like an arrow, and the two guests began to compete for diving endurance in an attempt to break the summer record. The woman who initiated the competition picked up her limited numbered diamond and lapis lazuli long necklace watch (G0A41214), and counted down for the participants who were preparing to take a deep breath and dive into the water.

As the party draws to a close, the light gradually dims, reflecting geometric lines on the pool surface. The pool water returned to calm, like clear sea water, but soon the hot sunlight would wake up the pool water again. The last silver bell-like laughter echoed in the distance, once again evoking the pleasant atmosphere of Sunny Side of Life

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