Olympic champion Ning Zetao teaches you how to play jewelry


In fact, Ning Zetao has not been smooth sailing along the way. He started to learn to swim at the age of eight and entered the Navy swimming team at the age of 14. At the age of 18, he was banned for eating meat products such as ham and was found to have "clenbuterol" in his body. Let this young adult experience a huge setback in his sports career. The "doping" incident is taken seriously by the National Swimming Association. Just like Sun Yang failed the urine test because he mistakenly took a drug that was just classified as a banned drug for the treatment of the heart. Although many people around him encouraged him, he was ridiculed and slandered by his opponents in this Olympics. So for Ning Zetao, whose career is on the rise, this is nothing more than a very big blow.

Ning Zetao

But he didn't give up, instead he tried harder to train. Psychological pressure, peer distrust, and physical pain all survived. Finally stood on the highest podium and became the pride of Chinese people.

Ning Zetao

You can also choose some elements related to your constellation in the jewelry you usually wear. Not only is it more personal, but it also allows everyone to get to know you quickly. With age, Ning Zetao has become more and more masculine in recent years. Answer interviews appropriately, behave in a low-key manner, personalized engraved rings and there are very few scandals. And he has his own persistence in swimming. How can such a charming charm make us not love it.

Ning Zetao

Because of the popularity of the past two years, his attention has soared. This trip to Rio not only made Chinese girls scream for it, but also made many foreign media discover this rising star. The results of the Olympics this time have also been interpreted by various media, but the encouragement of Ning Zetao from netizens also shows that everyone is "not talking about heroes with gold medals". He is only 23 years old, and we firmly believe that he will get better and better in the future. Baozi, we are waiting for you at the Japanese Olympics!

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