Mikimoto's new A World of Creativity (WOC) series


Mikimoto launched the new A World of Creativity (WOC) ─ Splash Collection. The design of this series is inspired by "Earth-a planet full of vitality". Water is the source of life and is closely related to life. Water can breed endless life. Hope to praise the source of life through this series.

Every year, MIKIMOTO gathers designers from all over the brand, and integrates their unique imagination and creative inspiration for jewelry into the theme, and is committed to creating jewelry with a glimpse. This year, wood tungsten rings the designer captures the instant light and shadow curves of the splashes, outlines the splashes with bright pearls, blooms the light and shadows with dazzling diamonds, and shows the beautiful moment of splashing water with a century of exquisite craftsmanship. The latest series WOC-SPLASH Collection.


The series flexibly uses Akoya pearls of different sizes, designed to be like dancing water points, with brilliant diamonds, to show the fashionable, elegant and lively intellectual temperament of modern young women.


The 18K white gold Akoya pearl double necklace with diamond brooch is undoubtedly the more eye-catching jewelry treasure in this series. The brooch uses 3.75 to 8.25 mm Akoya pearls to create a splash of water. In addition to being a single brooch,opal tungsten rings it can also be used as a necklace pendant. Wearing a single Akoya pearl double necklace can fully reflect the unique charm of women's freshness and elegance. In addition, in MIKIMOTO's latest autumn advertising film of 2016, the famous Dutch photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen was specially invited to lead her team and the German super popular model Larissa Hofmann to shoot in New York. Larissa Hofmann perfectly interprets the MIKIMOTO SPLASH Collection under the lens, showing the elegant and beautiful fashion style of modern women with simple everyday clothes!


SPLASH Collection also offers 18K white gold Akoya pearl with diamond pendant chain and earrings.

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