MIKIMOTO launches new Les Pétales de Ginza jewelry


Ginza, Tokyo, Japan is the fashion capital where the world's luxury brands gather. It is alongside the world-famous Place Vendome in Paris, New Bond Street in London and Fifth Avenue in New York. It is also known as the first choice for top brands to settle. The Japanese jewelry brand MIKIMOTO moved to Ginza 4-chome Avenue in Tokyo since 1906. It has been rooted in Ginza for more than 110 years and has become one of Tokyo's Ginza landmarks.


MIKIMOTO sincerely presents the Pétales Collection-Les Pétales de Ginza, inspired by a piece of pink petals falling in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, capturing the moment when the petals are flying in the spring breeze, and creating pink petals with 18K pink gold. The series not only uses Japanese Akoya pearls and South Sea pearls to decorate jewellery, but also launches diamond jewellery items, fully demonstrating MIKIMOTO's transcendent craftsmanship as a high-end jewelry brand.

The petal shape of MIKIMOTO Pétales Collection Les Pétales de Ginza is made of 18K pink gold, using graceful arc lines to outline a single heart-shaped petal. The slightly curved heart-shaped petals are full of three-dimensionality, showing the true beauty of nature. On the three-dimensional petals, the basic geometric concept of point, line and plane is used to inlay broken diamonds to create a light texture of the petals slowly falling. The fragrant petals are covered with crystal diamonds. The brilliance of the diamonds and the smooth and bright pink gold bring a visual impact, simple and delicate, as if it exudes an elegant floral fragrance, but maintains an extraordinary nobleness, blooming with a moving radiance. The series provides 18K pink gold pearl necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. The necklaces also use Japanese Akoya pearls and white South Sea pearls. Japanese Akoya pearls and white South Sea pearls have their own unique hue and luster, respectively. The mixed use of different types of pearls further demonstrates MIKIMOTO's meticulous pearl color matching and perfectly extends the ingenuity of the king of pearls to jewelry works.

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