La D de Dior Satine woven series high-end watch


The La D de Dior series of high-end watches designed by Victoire de Castellane (Victoire de Castellane), the artistic director of Dior's Fine Jewelry Department, has been constantly innovating over the years, but has never changed its pure and simple essence. This year, the series of watches launched La D de Dior Satine series with Milanese woven straps.

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Victoria introduced: "My inspiration comes from ribbons-La D de Dior Satine (satin ribbon) series high-end watches are like a circle of metal ribbons around the wrist." The delicate ribbon is also Chris A decorative element that Mr. Ting Dior loves and values ​​for ten minutes: "The small ribbon bow is always one of ladies' favorite accessories... They can be of any size and material, Tungsten Rings Collections and you can use them to decorate your sleeves or wrists." Dior The husband said so in his "Fashion Little Dictionary".

jewelry watch

In order to present the softness and luster of the ribbon on the watch, Dior's watch technicians have surpassed the technical limitations and explored the traditional weaving process, especially the passementerie of gold and silver ribbons. The craftsmen first use a metal braiding machine to weave the articulated gold or stainless steel filaments in an interactive weaving method. Once this precious fabric is finished, it is cut into long strips and polished by hand to perfect the details,engagement rings for women giving it an enduring artistic beauty, creating the distinctive satin-like charm of the straps of the La D de Dior Satine series. .

jewelry watch

La D de Dior Satine series watches are available in two sizes, 19 mm and 25 mm diameter, and five styles, with a stainless steel strap, a mother-of-pearl dial of different tones and a diamond-encrusted bezel; there are two other models with a diameter of 19 mm Watch models with gold or rose gold straps, sun pattern brushed gold dials and diamond bezels to choose from

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