How to choose the right necklace length?


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Choosing the right necklace length is very important, it determines the item Chain weight, price and wearing style. The length of men's and women's necklaces is different, and they are introduced separately below.

First,female necklace

16 inches (40cm): the length is equivalent to the collar

18 inches (46cm): sag to near the collarbone

20 inches (50cm): sag to a point below the collarbone

22 inches (55cm): close to the neckline

24 inches (60cm): droop to the position below the neckline

Under normal circumstances, a 16-inch (40cm) necklace can be perfectly wrapped around the neck like a collar. For women with petite stature, they will be slightly closer to the collarbone. Most necklaces have this length size. It can be well matched with almost all clothing, filling the space on the collar.

The 18-inch (46cm) necklace is the most popular size among women's models, and its drop point is just below the throat. The necklace of this length is matched with a slightly larger pendant to make up for the space of the deep V neckline and make it a clear contrast with the clothing. For taller women, wearing a necklace of this size will have a similar effect as a collar.

The 20-inch (50cm) necklace hangs slightly below the collarbone, giving people a more comfortable "breathing space". Many women prefer necklaces of this length and wear them with business or casual clothes. For high lapel sweaters and pullovers, this length is also a good choice.

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Second, men's necklace

Men’s necklaces generally have only three specifications:

18 inches (46cm): close to the base of the neck, it is a small necklace

20 inches (50cm): close to the collarbone, the most commonly used size

24 inches (60cm): droop to the chest position currently offers a choice of 16-inch and 18-inch chains. Because Chinese people are generally petite and have long necks, 16 inches is the length that suits most Chinese women. Similarly, 18 inches is the length suitable for most Chinese men. If these two sizes are not suitable, can also provide a separate adjustment chain, which can independently adjust the length of the necklace.

At the same time, provides chain options ranging from 0.62mm to 1.8mm in diameter, which can be matched with the style and shape of the specific pendant. In addition, there are different styles of necklaces such as box chain, cross chain, side chain, etc., allowing customers to choose the most suitable length, thickness and shape of the necklace.

For more tips on choosing necklaces, please consult jqueenjewelry customer service at any time.

se feel free to consult jqueenjewelry customer service.

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