GucciGhost elf series and Blind for Love series

GucciGhost elf series and Blind for Love series Gucci is pleased to launch a new series of silver jewelry. The series includes bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and pendants, inspired by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele's recent collaboration with American artist Trouble Andrew. GucciGhost

The representative of this creative cooperation-GucciGhost adopts a vivid hand-painted elf shape, which is also the main work of Gucci's new silver jewelry series. The overall tone is youthful vigor, vigor, and a strong sense of artistic graffiti. The design elements of pendants and pendants not only include the main elf, but also extend a variety of colorful shapes, sterling silver rings such as stars, rainbows, skulls and slogans — all products are made of 925 silver and decorated with colorful enamel. Trouble Andrew’s original ecological interpretation of Gucci’s various logos — the “Real Gucci” slogan with dripping paint effect or hand-painted skull — runs through the entire series, bringing a fresh and refreshing city to various design elements such as Gucci's unique monogram wind.


As a natural derivation and extension of the collaboration with Trouble Andrew, the new silver jewelry series launched this time proves the talent of Gucci jewelry—that is, the ability to perform creative interpretations of different eras.


Gucci jewelry's latest silver jewelry series inherits Gucci's creative aesthetics and once again interprets the eclectic spiritual connotation. The "Love·Fearless" series includes rings, pendant bracelets, pendant necklaces and earrings. It is inspired by the distinctive style that creative director Alessandro Michele currently introduces in his design series, that is, separate brands This iconic element is vividly integrated with contemporary modern engraving and symbolic logos.

Each piece of jewellery is made of sterling silver, abalone shell tungsten rings and is engraved with different patterns and texts treated with a unique black paint. On the narrow or wide version of the ring, Gucci's iconic double "G" logo is cleverly drawn with eyes, heart or flower patterns, which is more gentle and feminine.

Heart-shaped pendants and matching bracelets or earrings are also engraved with various whimsical and interesting patterns, such as peace doves, flowers, tiger heads or heart shapes. These poetic and pictorial patterns are paired with the handwritten text "Blind for Love", adding modern spirit to the romantic style.

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