De Beers Aura series adds exquisite new works


The De Beers Aura series was born in 2010, aiming to praise women's inner strength with stunning single diamonds. Each diamond is hand-selected to ensure that it can shine with extremely dazzling light.

The three new designs use round brilliant, princess-cut and drop-shaped cut diamonds, which are elegantly suited to contemporary lifestyles and are the best choice for gifts.

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The new De Beers Aura round brilliant diamond bracelet complements the existing Aura series masterpieces. The center is embellished with a 0.2 carat single diamond, shining with the diamond's superb Fire, Life and Brilliance. The beautiful diamonds inlaid with fine pavé on the outer ring exude a charming halo, creating a classic and elegant beauty; each diamond is exquisitely crafted to perfectly reflect the brilliance of the central center diamond, and the infinite light overflows on the platinum base. The diamond pattern is connected to the exquisite white gold bracelet, the length of the bracelet can be adjusted according to the needs of the wearer.

The second Aura bracelet celebrates the unparalleled fancy cutting process with a pure drop-shaped single diamond. To create this romantic cut shape, the craftsmanship requirements are almost strict. With his rich knowledge and experience, the De Beers diamond master selects only the most perfect diamonds. The new De Beers Aura drop-shaped diamond bracelet is set with a 0.2-carat drop-shaped solitaire diamond in the center, and is matched with a circle of fine pavé diamonds. The diamond lines on the outer ring perfectly cater to each central drop-shaped center diamond. Each bracelet is refined and tailored according to the drop-shaped outline. The distinctive diamond shape is elegantly connected with the platinum bracelet.

Finally, the De Beers Aura princess-cut diamond bracelet adds a unique new choice to the cascading sparkle on the wrist. Its eye-catching shape just reflects the strength of the woman wearing it. Subtle pavé-set diamonds perfectly wrap the outer ring of the central princess-shaped center diamond. Although it is compact and easy to wear, it shines brightly. The diamond shape set in the white gold base is embellished with a slender white gold bracelet.

Each Aura bracelet represents a woman's inherent self-charm, so as to commemorate unforgettable moments with eternal shining. The De Beers Aura bracelet with extraordinary charm is the ideal choice to open a new chapter in your life, and take you to explore the unparalleled shining world of diamonds.

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