DNA nanoparticle traceability technology helps emerald identification


DNA nanoparticle traceable high-tech technology helps emerald identification

Emerald is a very ancient gemstone, used as jewelry in ancient Egypt. It symbolizes kindness, confidence, kindness, eternity, luck and happiness, and it has been more and more sought after in recent years. However, because of its brittleness, such precious material is not only easy to break during mining, but also be careful when wearing it. What is the quality of the emeralds you bought? If you don’t understand emeralds, can you only hope the shop assistants? How can I distinguish the advantages and disadvantages by myself? During Baselworld in 2017, Miss J+ was invited to the Gemfields press conference and witnessed the emerald identification test jointly launched by Gemfields and Gübelin Gem Lab. Maybe yours After these problems are no longer troublesome! The Gem Lab under Gubaolin is an independent subsidiary with a global reputation. It has laboratories in Lucerne, Hong Kong and New York, providing analysis and identification services for diamonds, colored gems and pearls. The first-class technology in the field of colored gems is widely recognized by the industry.


Today, the global leader in the identification of precious jewellery , Gubaolin Gem Lab, is honored to introduce the latest technology: emerald identification test. This new technology relies on customized DNA nanoparticles that can be traced back to the mine where the emerald was mined.

The emerald identification test will bring a disruptive change to the colored gemstone industry. This is the first batch of technologies and services developed by the Gubaolin Gem Lab, which has made the gem industry more transparent by adding a label of origin to gems. The breakthrough technology of emerald identification test attaches DNA nanoparticles directly to the rough emerald in the mine. These nanoparticles attached to emeralds can withstand processes such as cleaning, cutting, polishing, transportation, and arrangement, until they finally reach consumers, and can be used in any link from gem mining, processing and smelting to jewelry processing and sales. Recover and restore.

This technology can help miners (including large companies, small miners and artificial miners), government departments, industry organizations, industry supervision agencies, jewelry brands, and end users, so that they can choose emeralds with full transparency Gem, enhance the confidence and trust of all parties involved.

This is the first time that nanotechnology (technology below 100 nanometers) has been used in this field. The size of these particles is so small that they cannot be found even with an optical microscope, so they will never affect the appearance, quality and properties of the gem.

Gemfields, a leading manufacturer of colored gemstones with pure sources in the industry, joined the Gubaolin Gem Lab to participate in this test project. Gemfields is the majority owner of Kaqimu, the world's largest emerald mine. Considering its complete supply chain and strict control of gem raw materials, the company is also asked to provide a testing environment for this identification technology.


Gemfields is a pure-source colored gemstone supplier, and it is in the leading position in the industry. The company has many precious gemstone storage places in the world. In addition, Gemfields has offices in major gem-producing countries around the world to provide them with mining and marketing guidance.

Gemfields is the operator of the Kaqimu emerald mine in Zambia (considered the world's largest emerald mine) and the Montepuez ruby ​​mine in Mozambique (one of the most important ruby ​​deposits discovered recently in the world), and holds 75% of the shares. In addition, Gemfields also holds a 50% stake in the Kariba Amethyst Mine in Zambia, and has controlling rights and exploration licenses in multiple gem mines in Zambia, Mozambique, Colombia, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Raphael Gübelin is the president of the Swiss family company Gübelin, whose gem laboratory is an independent subsidiary. He said: "In the 160 years of heritage, we have always been committed to providing consumers with the most valuable information. This new identification technology will make the entire industry more transparent and inject a vitality into the industry. ."

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