Cartier Magicien series of high-end jewelry


In an instant, the still life seemed to become fresh and agile. Brilliant brilliance, dazzling and charming, make the eyes immersed in endless fantasy. Cartier interprets the magical and moving jewelry world with gorgeous gems and precious materials. With diamonds, rubies, emeralds, rubellites, beryls, blue or green sapphires, Cartier is good at capturing the pure essence of precious gems, giving them a smart posture and blooming natural colors. The mystery of magic? Nature miraculously turns into beautiful jewels, containing the power of life flowing. This is the exquisite art presented by the Cartier Magicien series.


Is it true? Mysterious beauty? Charm magic? Everything comes from a unique design. The right lines create rhythm and movement. The visual boundaries gradually blurred, and his eyes flowed on top of the beautiful gems. The light rippled in circles, flowing like blue waves, beautiful and charming, and it was unstoppable. Incantation necklace is decorated with exquisite and small geometric patterns, paved with brilliant diamonds, weaving beautiful silk screen treasures. With just a flick, Incantation necklace instantly shines with glamorous light and shadow, showing the leading craftsmanship of high-end jewelry. Its length and shape have also changed. It is pliable and docile, with gorgeous decorations on the neck, and it can be described as a masterpiece of exquisite craftsmanship and modeling magic. The corolla-style necklace is decorated with a detachable sapphire, which can also be set on the ring after it is removed to brighten the brilliance of the fingertips.


Pure light penetrates beautiful diamonds, blooming with dazzling charm. Smart personality, timeless. Cartier picks fine diamonds and uses exquisite cuts to release the original power of nature to the fullest, presenting the beauty of breaking the shackles. The bright rays of light refract and reflect, extending endlessly like a magic spell. From necklaces to pendants, whether it is a drop-shaped cut or a fancy cut, the dazzling diamonds are in the form of a ring and clustered with spherical pavement embellishing the Paillettes necklace. Cartier draws inspiration from dandelion-shaped hair accessories and uses a pair of spheres inlaid with rose-cut diamonds to create a round and light chic beauty. In the center of the sphere, the yellow diamond blooms radiantly.


The coveted berry flowers, the graceful snake body, the delicate and delicate and elegant corolla, and the lifelike jewelry world is beginning to blossom in front of you. Rubellite, beryl, diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, opal tungsten rings Cartier is exquisitely matched with precious stones to convey delicate and sincere feelings. The mysterious Cartier jewelry magic gives the dazzling jewels a smart posture. In the ancient Aztec legend, the feathered snake is a sacred creature that penetrates the heavens and the earth, and Cartier uses it as the theme of Quetzal's jewelry works. The lines are smooth and natural, the delicate diamond-paved chain links are flexible and flexible, the "feather scale armor" is vivid, and the black lacquer shadows cleverly highlight the graceful grace of the snake. The center of the jewelry is inlaid with a conical rubellite, which is bright and dazzling. The mythical shape of the combination of bird and snake entangles the auricle with a ring, presenting a unique wearing aesthetics.

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