5 steps for you to easily choose colorful jewelry


5 steps for you to easily choose colorful jewelry

Natural colored gemstones are like a colorful dream world, which can always bring people a relaxed and happy feeling. Wearing colored gemstones and jewellery brings us not only beauty and brilliance, but also energy that is transmitted to the body and mind. Therefore, natural colored gemstone jewelry has become more and more popular, and the finest natural colored gemstones have become more and more difficult to find, and their value has doubled because of increasing scarcity. So, how do you choose colored gems wisely? Intuition and willfulness are not enough. In fact, it is not difficult to choose the right natural color gems. Grasp these three main points: color, inclusions and fire color, and you will be able to sense the natural gem that is destined to you!


First, color treasures, color is king

The greatest charm of colored gemstones is undoubtedly its natural color. Therefore, among the three major factors affecting the value of gemstones, color is the most important evaluation factor affecting the value of gemstones relative to inclusions and fire. The richer the color of the gem, the higher its value, but when the color exceeds the maximum concentration of the color, it will appear black. In this case, as the black gradually grows, the value of the gem will decrease. In other words, the best color density is to lighten and darken sequentially from the center of the color to both ends. In this case, we can use the ruby ​​color value benchmark table to illustrate it vividly, and it can be clear at a glance.

In the value grading of ruby ​​A to C and below, the intensity of the color is the absolute factor that affects the value. Most of the best rubies come from Burma or Madagascar, which is why the rubies are most famous in Burma.


Second, innocuous inclusions are also a kind of beauty

Inclusion (Inclusion) refers to the substance contained in the gemstone, which is different from the composition of the gemstone, that is, the impurities we see inside the gemstone. We all know that a gem with fewer inclusions is more beautiful and its value is higher. Therefore, the amount of inclusions is also an important factor affecting the value of a gem.

However, because of the natural properties of gems, it can be said that gems without inclusions do not exist, and gems that are too flawless give the impression of artificial processing. From another perspective, the innocuous inclusions in natural gems give each gem its unique identity and beauty, and also represent the unique characteristics of natural gems. As long as the content in the gem is not obvious or not in a particularly important central position, then this kind of existence is also a kind of beauty.


Third, fire color, the gem's brilliance depends on it

In addition to color and inclusions, another important factor affecting the value of gems is fire. The fire-colored gems look full of transparency, inadvertently blooming with eye-catching beauty. The gems with bad fire color have a fuzzy feeling, giving people a feeling of eclipse. Fourth, give your gems a comprehensive score

After distinguishing the three elements of gem color, inclusion and fire color, how do you give a comprehensive score to the gem you choose? Do your gems belong to A-level, B-level, or C-level? Note that gems below grade C are no longer suitable for jewelry. If you meet an A-level baby, don't hesitate to start it!


We can set the highest score of the gem's comprehensive score to 400 points, then the color should be 200 points, and the fire color and inclusions should be 100 points each. In this way, we set the gems with a score of 320 points as A-level, 240 points or more as B-level, and 160 points or more as C-level. It’s especially important to mention here that it’s hard to meet Transcendent A-grade gemstones with a quality of up to 400 points. In addition, among the three elements of color, fire, and inclusions, if one of them is below Grade C , But as long as the comprehensive score reaches C level or above, its value cannot be ignored.

Through the above 4 steps, can you evaluate the value of your gemstones objectively? Of course, there is no absolute in everything. The world of colored gemstones is beautiful and vast. Our evaluation criteria here apply to most natural colored gemstones, and gemstones with individual characteristics need to be treated differently. For example, alexandrite will produce a red-green gradient effect according to the change of the light source. This gradual effect is its unique charm, so we cannot fully refer to our gem evaluation standards.

Finally, learn to read the identification book, don’t let the truth be foolishly confused

After learning to look at gem grades and distinguish the value of gems, some people have to ask, how to distinguish between true and false the most important gems? How to judge whether a gem is natural rather than artificial? Here we need the help of the identification book.


The first thing I want to explain to everyone is that the identification book is the exclusive proof of colored gemstones to determine the authenticity of gemstones. It is not a diamond, nor is it used to explain the value of gemstone color, inclusions, and fire. Instead, it uses scientific methods to record the characteristics of the gemstone itself, whether it is pure natural, whether it has been optimized for heat treatment, and whether it has undergone other manual processing. At the same time distinguish the properties of gems with similar appearances, such as distinguishing rubies and spinels, and so on.

With the development of artificial technology, more and more gems that only rely on the naked eye to judge appear, so it is particularly necessary to rely on sophisticated instruments to scientifically measure the hardness, density, refractive index, polarization and other factors of the gems. It has become an important reference for everyone to buy colored gems.

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