2021 trendy engagement ring informations


2021 trendy engagement ring information

A few days ago, we took everyone to see the new trend of the jewelry circle in 2021, and as one of the important roles in the jewelry family, the trend of engagement rings naturally cannot fall. In 2021, jewellery designers will continue to show off their wild ideas: diamond "coats", ring main stones that don’t love the C position, precious colored diamonds...Although the epidemic situation may hinder Couples from proposing, obtaining certificates, and holding weddings. The plan, but can not hinder our heart to keep up with the trend! So people who want to get married should take this opportunity to integrate with the most fashionable engagement ring of the moment!

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In the trend of engagement rings in 2021, adding a "coat" to the ring has become one of the most innovative ways. What does it mean? We know that the detachable function is now very common in high-end jewelry, and it brings us multiple ways of wearing. For example, the bright lily necklace of Boucheron 26Vendome series, after removing the lily on it, the necklace can still be worn normally, and the lily with a 20-carat pear-shaped yellow diamond turns into a brooch.

"Ring Jackets" (Ring Jackets) are similar to the detachable high beads, but please note that the disassembly here does not mean that a part of the ring is removed and placed aside or used as other types of jewelry. The beauty of the design is that it can be worn independently as a ring whether it is a "coat" or "inner". In other words, there are three ways to wear a ring: you can separate the middle ring from the ring jackets, respectively As two separate rings, you can also wear them together as a whole. For example, the ring on the model above has a fancy fuchsia diamond ring in the middle, which is decorated with colorless diamonds. On the outer ring of this ring, there is also a pink diamond ringjackets. When the two are put together, they can be used as a petal-like engagement ring, and when they are separated, they can be worn separately.

engagement rings

Ring Jackets has another advantage, because in most cases the "coat" of the ring is designed according to the shape of the central ring, so we can consider using the existing ring to design, not only can continue to wear the original ring, but also Having two new engagement rings at the same time is a good deal to think about.

Traditional engagement rings generally have diamonds set in the center. Even if there are some curve designs on the ring, the diamonds will still be placed in the center. Although this design is still classic today, judging from the new trends in 2020, the diamond on the engagement ring seems to be more off-center.

For example, in the above ring, although the most common materials in engagement rings such as diamonds and 18K gold have not changed, the deviation of the main stone diamond makes the whole ring look quite individual. And if you look carefully at the diamond cut, it is a rose cut that emerged from the 15th to 16th centuries.

engagement rings

We introduced it in an article about diamond cutting. The surface of a rose-cut diamond is covered with rows of small triangles. When it first appeared, there were only three sides, but later it increased to six sides, twelve sides, and eighteen sides, and eventually developed into twenty-four sides. Another trend of engagement rings is the application of avant-garde ideas in art and music to jewelry design. Let's first take a look at what is avant-garde (Avant-garde), it usually refers to a group of people or some works that do not follow common sense in the field of art and culture, and like to go against tradition. Another feature of Avant-garde is that it is experimental. That is to say, it is not designed to cater to the public. People who are used to traditional design will initially (or even always) think it is absurd.

However, in the jewelry industry, the acceptance of Avant-garde style is very high. Here, Avant-garde is not a specific genre or style, it is more of a symbol. For example, ArtDeco that we introduced to you before, the simple and regular line design caught people's hearts at once. For example, in the new Paris, vudu 26 series launched by Boucheron in 2019, you can see a lot Ring works with Art Deco style.

Or break the convention in the design of gems. For example, TASAKI's Sliced ​​series ring cuts South Sea pearls in half, plated with 18K white gold on the cut surface, and is studded with diamonds. Or the pearl ring in the TASAKIBY MHT series, directly using the semicircular Mapei pearls during the cultivation period. Or some independent brands choose natural and heterogeneous Baroque pearls as the main stone of the ring.

In the choice of engagement ring, some people are looking for fashionable and trendy designs, and some are looking for precious stones with investment potential. Therefore colored diamonds are becoming more and more attractive! In the 2019 Global Jewelry Auction Top10, colored diamonds occupy five seats, and it can be said that the momentum is strong.

For example, Sothebys' Diamonds, which is good at cooperating with independent designers, we can see a lot of heavyweight colored diamond rings in the new products launched in 2019: a 3.27 one that was exhibited in Hong Kong Sotheby's Diamond Salon. Carat Vivid blue diamond ring, surrounded by diamonds and chalcedony. The main stone blue diamond weighs 3.27 carats, coupled with the Fancy Vivid Blue color grade and internally flawless (IF) clarity grade, which is very suitable for those who are looking for an engagement ring with investment potential. There are also more design colored diamond rings, such as the one above. The designer uses the ring structure to show the life cycle of nature. The center of the ring is inlaid with a round brown diamond of 1.39 carats, and the outer ring is alternately used with carnelian and diamonds. If you are looking for colored diamonds but also like a design with a strong sense of style, you may wish to consider this design.

engagement rings

For example, Fabergé Fabergé, known for its enamel eggs, has just launched the Colours of Love series at the beginning of 2020. The rich colored gemstones have become the special feature of the series. The main stones of the two rose gold rings above are an unheated Mozambique ruby ​​and a Zambian emerald.

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