18K Gold Diamond Ring Introduction And Comparison of Advantages And Disadvantages


The most attractive thing about a diamond ring is the sparkling diamond, so many people tend to pay a lot of attention to the diamond when buying a diamond ring. But in fact, a diamond ring is mainly composed of two parts: a diamond and a setting. A good diamond ring requires a good setting in addition to a bright diamond. So when choosing a diamond ring, the choice of setting cannot be ignored. The more common setting materials for diamond rings are 18K gold and platinum. Both have their own characteristics. Today, we mainly introduce 18K gold diamond rings. Let's take a look at the 18K gold diamond ring.

18K gold diamond ring is the most common ring among the diamond ring jewelry brands for marriage proposal. Some consumers may not know much about K gold diamond rings. Therefore, it is difficult to make a trade-off between k gold rings and rings of other materials when buying. Next I will introduce you about the 18K gold diamond ring, and make a comparison of its advantages and disadvantages, and then you can choose to buy based on your actual situation.

Introduction of 18K Gold Diamond Ring:

K gold is an alloy formed by fusion of gold and other metals. K gold refers to the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24K. 18K gold refers to an alloy with a gold content of at least 75%, that is, the gold content accounts for 75% ( 24/18=0.75); The remaining 25% is pt, nickel, silver, palladium and other precious metals. The 18K gold diamond ring is a K gold ring decorated with diamonds, and there are also 18K gold rings with plain circles.

Advantages of 18K gold diamond ring:

1. Rich colors: 18K gold contains 25% of other precious metals, so 18K gold can be made into different colors, such as white, yellow, rose gold, etc., and 18K gold diamond rings also have rich colors.

2. Good ductility and high hardness: In addition to color, 18K gold also has the advantages of good ductility and high hardness. The former means that 18K gold rings can be made into more complicated and refined styles, while the latter means the diamonds inlaid on the 18k gold will be stronger and the diamonds will not fall off easily.

3. Cheap price: the same diamond ring, the price of 18K gold diamond ring is often lower than platinum.

4. Wear resistance: 18K gold diamond ring is more resistant to wear and will not be damaged due to some slight friction in daily wear. You can wear it with confidence

18K gold diamond ring disadvantages

Although 18K gold rings have many advantages, this does not mean that 18K gold diamond rings have no disadvantages. When introducing advantages, it was mentioned that 18K gold is rich in color. In fact, although the 18K gold rings may have a variety of colors, these colors are actually electroplated. After a long time wearing, the electroplating layer may be damaged, and the color may fade, and the gold gradually appears. Color comes. But as long as you send it back to the original place of purchase and re-cleaned and refurbished, the refurbished one will be the same as the new one. But this may cause a slight loss of weight. Therefore, it is better to pay more attention to maintenance.

Who is suitable to wear 18K gold diamond ring

18K gold diamond ring has a variety of colors, common rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, suitable for people of multiple ages, white gold is suitable for young women; it can bring out the youth and vitality of women.

The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of 18K gold diamond rings. I think now you have more knowledge about 18K gold diamond rings. 18K gold diamond ring has many advantages, but also has disadvantages. In general, buying 18K gold diamond ring still has more advantages than disadvantages, and other setting materials are actually the same. When you choose a diamond ring, you can decide what kind of ring setting material to choose according to your own thoughts and preferences.

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